Introduction: Picking up With What you Really Want and Moving That Into a Commitment

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Welcome to Clarifying Your Commitment Part II.

My intention is for you to is to integrate a couple of essential skills on the way to clarifying what it is you are willing to commit to:

Knowing your yeses.

Knowing your nos.

And progressing from what you want, to tuning into your willingness, to landing on a commitment.

If and when that wants to happen.

I should mention that I’ve found committing – and re-committing – to be the thing for harnessing and catalyzing and directing my creative energy. So one caution I’ll add before we go any further is along the lines of that old adage “Be careful what you ask for.” In this case, I’ll say be careful what you commit to.

But for now let’s start with the liberating discoveries that come with knowing your yeses and nos. See you in the next lesson!

Knowing your Yeses and Your Nos

Figuring out what you really want starts with knowing your “yeses” and your “nos.”

Think of yeses and nos as building blocks to help you clear up any ambivalence or uncertainty about what you want.

This short video offers some helpful hints about using your body wisdom to do just that. Please follow along with the handouts here and get curious about your own authentic yeses and nos.

May I offer this loving challenge? In the course of doing these exercises, see if you can discover at least one full-body yes and at least one no that you can use to inform your commitment.

All right. You got this!

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From Wanting to Willing to Commitment

Once you have faced into your issues, felt whatever feelings arise related to it, the next question is what do you really want?

In this video I walk you through how I go from wanting to willing to committing in my own life, using a personal example.

Please follow along with the handout to do your own exploration of what you want, what you are willing to do about it, and what – if anything – you are able to commit to at this time. I’ve also attached some tangible examples in case you need some ideas to get the gears turning.

Please don’t feel like you need to force yourself to land on a commitment. I like to think of this as a process that I allow to percolate until I’m ready. And sometimes it helps to say it out loud and feel how it feels in your body as you say, “I commit to …..” and trial and error your way there. That could be a great thing to try with your accountability pod.

May whatever commitments you do make from now on be in service of the unfolding of your own life and the evolving of humanity. I like to add after my commitments, “All of this – or something better – for the good of all concerned.”

Happy committing!

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