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For the busy change leader….

  1. Our Many Ways to Many tool will ask you a handful of questions about the intervention you want to spread/scale then based on how you answer, recommend methods for skill transfer that we think you should consider. Each method has a short description of what it is as well as links to successful examples of that method in practice.
  2. We recorded Joe McCannon’s famous Data Malpractice session so that you can easily share with the people who are making your life a living data hell.
  3. I’ve been asking myself these same Personal Vision Questions every New Years Eve since 2000 with truly outstanding results.
  4. The Genius Tracker is an excel spreadsheet where you enter in what you are working on, for how long, and whether you experienced yourself as being in your zone of genius, excellence, competence, or incompetence. Each week has a separate tab and the summary tab will let you know what percent of your time you’re spending in your genius. This is all informed by Gay Hendricks’ book, The Big Leap.
  5. This Incompletions Checklist is an advanced tool that we have adapted from the Foundation for Conscious Loving and incorporated into our fellowship program. The idea is to live your live in such a way that there is nothing significant unsaid or undone. This checklist gives you a wide array of areas in your life where you might have something unsaid or undone. May you use this in good health!
  6. Clearing the Pipes is an advanced tool that we use with our fellows. Print this out and journal on the questions. Make sure you give your self plenty of space to explore the prompts on the first page before moving to the second.

Please let us know if any of these are helpful and what else might be helpful, too.

Latest Media

My Favorite Mistake

In this episode of the My Favorite Mistake Podcast, Becky tells her favorite mistake story about thinking she would get an “A” for effort when working toward a bold goal of getting 100,000 homeless people into homes. Why she “lost track of the outcomes” and how she adjusted to get back on track. 

Mark and Becky discuss; the approach to end homelessness, looking at measures more continuously along the way, 100,000 lives campaign, better ways to say “here’s what you’re doing wrong”, leadership lessons from the Army and Special Operations that are transferrable to civilian life, outcomes focus, and the Unleashing Social Change Podcast.

Impact with Integrity is now a #1 bestselling book!!

Becky Margiotta’s Impact with Integrity: Repair the World Without Breaking Yourself is a call to action, but also an invitation to reclaim your agency and mobilize your creativity in order to enact meaningful, efficient, and effective social change. With authenticity, grit, and grace, Margiotta lays out a proven step-by-step framework for doing the inner work that is necessary for advancing social change. Examining yourself is key to supercharging your power to make the world a better place. In this essential guide, she weaves joy and well-being into the work of sustainable and transformational leadership. 

Not just for nonprofit leaders, social workers, activists, educators, and health professionals, Impact With Integrity is for all of us inspired to do good and make effective change in the world.

Entrepreneur Struggle

DCP Entertainment & Podstream Studios CEO, Chris Colbert, talks with fellow business owners and freelancers about the challenges and lessons learned as they start and grow their companies. 

We’re excited for you to hear Chris and Becky’s conversation about their shared passion for ending homelessness, how Becky balances the other forms of activism she wants to be a part of, how she was able to bounce back after a major work crisis, and how she’s able to balance her time and money.

Scaling Coach Podcast

Scaling Up is a growth coaching organization helping business leaders with big goals to build a better world.

Listen as Bill Gallagher and Becky Margiotta discuss creating authentic human connections and organizations that are a vehicle for right livelihood and making our communities a better place.

A Joyful Pause Podcast

How does your spiritual practice help you to meet this moment? With humor and grace, Nicole Taylor, author of the wellness book A Joyful Pause, will explore topics with guests from all walks of life who live into this question. If you are interested in how spiritual practice helps us make sense and meaning out of the world we live in right now, this podcast is for you.

Author and well-being coach Nicole Taylor speaks with Becky Margiotta about social change, joy, and how being in integrity can stop burnout.

Masters of Creativity

The Stanford is a group of Stanford instructors, practitioners, and designers that consistently strive to help individuals unleash their creative and innovative selves.

Their Masters of Creativity series is their way to bring Stanford instruction and content to the broader global community.

In this talk, Becky and Jeremy discuss the importance of doing the inner work as a large-scale change agent.

Strive Together
Together for Change

StriveTogether is building a world where a child’s potential isn’t dictated by race, ethnicity, zip code or circumstance. They are a national network of local communities striving to achieve racial equity and economic mobility.

StriveTogether communities use data to illuminate obstacles facing children of color and those living in poverty. Using their Theory of Action™ framework, these communities can transform systems to get more equitable results.

This episode is a conversation about when we think about the audacious vision of a more equitable world and what it takes to get there, those of us in this sector can often lose sight of an important component of what it means to build something that lasts. Burnout is something that is all too common in helping roles so in this episode, the focus is on the role of resilient leadership in unleashing large-scale social change.

Unleashing Social Change Podcast

Each episode we interview a badass social change leader and learn the ins and outs of what they’re doing to make the world a better place. This podcast will help you feel optimistic that we can make a difference and give you practical tips about how to go about doing so in a big way.

In it’s current fourth season, Becky is interviewing the mentors who shaped her into the leader she is today.

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What Happened to The Skid Row School?

We have divided our four-day in person training, Skid Row School, into four separate six-week online courses. Breaking up the training this way allows us to go deeper into the Model For Unleashing principles and bring in other experts. It also opens up an opportunity...

Space to Play

We have a lot to do friends, and the crises we face day to day may even be worse than they were before. But sometimes we need to slow down to go fast. We need to create space to play.

Hey Kids, Can You Name Any Asian Americans Who Have Made Significant Contributions?

This question is just a reflection on how we’ve been taught, what’s out there to consume, and not a judgment — How many can you name?

Learning Through Community Grief

I am both relieved to no longer be invisible yet also afraid of the visibility. Nothing would mean more to me at this time than starting with engaging in the conversation and learning our histories here in North America.

Honoring Women Mentors

I want to tell you about some of the women mentors I’ve had in my life and how they have influenced me, and invite you to reflect and do the same.

Parents, how are you doing?

We invite you to bring your attention to those energetic drains that if left unchecked will prevent you from making your big dent in the Universe. 

The Enemy Within

We invite you to bring your attention to those energetic drains that if left unchecked will prevent you from making your big dent in the Universe. 

What’s Holding You Back from Making Your Big Dent in the Universe?

We invite you to bring your attention to those energetic drains that if left unchecked will prevent you from making your big dent in the Universe. 

Setting Yourself Up for an Awesome 2021

Part of doing the work we are all called to do as social change leaders is to envision a better system and then create it. To live in balance, it’s important that we do that for ourselves as well.

I’ve Done this Every New Years Eve Since the Year 2000

Part of doing the work we are all called to do as social change leaders is to envision a better system and then create it. To live in balance, it’s important that we do that for ourselves as well.

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