Proactively Changing Agreements that No Longer Work for You

As you tune into your broader commitment and what you really want, and your yeses and your nos, it’s entirely possible that you may want to proactively change your agreements.

Impeccable Agreements go like this:

1. only say yes to what you actually want to do.

2. say no to things you don’t want to do.

3. do what you said you’d do, on time, to the best of your ability, without needing to be reminded or cajoled.

4. proactively change agreements that no longer work for you.

Please watch this video for a framework on what impeccable agreements are and how to create them in your life.

Then use the Agreements Inventory handout to explore the agreements in your life and see if there are any that you want to change. In the handout you will also find a formula or draft script that you can use as a starting point for changing agreements that no longer serve you.

When it comes to impeccable agreements, I recommend starting with yourself first, then after you’ve had some practice and if/when you feel ready, share these with your teams, too. This relatively simple concept can clear up so many sources of friction and dysfunction within organizations.

The video above addresses making agreements and the short segment below talks specifically about proactively changing agreements that are no longer working for you.

Claim Your Genius

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Worksheets: What Is Your Genius?

Video Transcript

What do we mean by genius?

Before you watch this video, take a moment to reflect on what you loved doing as a kid. Any age will do. What is something you loved doing so much that whoever it was that raised you had to beg you to stop doing that and come eat your dinner?

How did it feel when you were immersed in that activity?

What was it about that activity that made you lose track of time?

And how are you still doing the essence of that “flow experience” in your life today – even though it might look different on the outside?

Keeping that in mind, please watch this video to get a sense of what we mean by the word “genius” then use the handout to begin to explore what aspects of your genius might want to be expressed more through your life.

So many cultures have admonitions against being too big for your britches, or not to be a tall poppy, etc. So becoming aware of your own genius capacities and expressing them fully in the world may go against the grain and take some courage. But I know you can handle it!

When you give yourself permission to show up more and more in your genius, you are shifting the context in two ways. First, you are shifting your own internal context from playing small in your zones of “not-genius” to letting your genius shine. Second, as you do this, you become an inspiration for others to do so, too.

You got this!

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