One of – if not the – most important practices I learned from my mentor Katie Hendricks is the transformative power of appreciation. Many times I’ve heard her say, “What you appreciate appreciates.” So true. 

Selena and I share more about this topic below. Be sure to watch to the end for a surprise announcement from Selena. 


Congratulations, Selena!!!

When I first learned about the power of appreciation, I had to make a conscious effort to shift my attention. Now it’s a habit, one that we’d love to help you build, too.

Which is why today we’re launching 30 Days of Appreciation. Sign up here and every morning for the next 30 days you will receive an appreciation prompt. A short sentence prompt that you can complete as you make appreciation a habit of your own.

Appreciating each of you for doing what you’re doing and being who you are!
Becky & Selena

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