I’m hoping this finds you in the midst of a luxurious holiday, enjoying some down-time with loved ones.

Wherever you are, I have a few cool things I want to share with you.

1. Every New Years Eve since 2000, I have asked myself these same personal vision questions. The nutty thing is that just about everything that I’ve journaled about has become real in my life – one thing in particular became real 19 years later this year! Previously I’ve only shared this with our fellows but it’s so powerful that I want to share it with you, too.

2. Selena Liu Raphael, our Operations Manager, was interviewed for Pregnantish Podcast about being a single mother by choice and her process in choosing a sperm donor. I cried happy tears twice while listening to her story and wanted to give you this chance to know this amazing person who does so much to make the Billions Institute hum and sparkle.

3. In case you missed it, episodes of Season 2 of our podcast, Unleashing Social Change, are available now – with more being released each week. Here are the top 3 most downloaded in 2019.

Dan Heath: A Primer on Behavior Change 
Angele Davenport: Grounding Your Work in Racial & Social Justice 
Dr. Kate Hurley: How Two Veterinarians Launched a Movement That has Saved Over 2 Million Cats from Unnecessary Euthanization

January 1st marks the five year anniversary of the Billions Institute so Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary to Us!! And to you, too! I feel so proud of what we’ve created together so far, and so excited for what’s to come!



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