Task #1: Complete the Great Aims Checklist

Download the Aims Checklist and watch these videos together as a team, pausing to answer the questions together. Take as long as you need to get to consensus on your aim.

Once you arrive at a clear aim, please have one member of your team post it to Circle using the instructions in the next lesson.

Task #2: Share your Aim

Post your best draft aim to the Aims for Everyone slide deck using the instructions you will find on slide 2 to Circle for instructor feedback.

If it’s helpful, you will see other examples of prior participants’ aims in the slide deck with instructor comments in the notes.

To hop over to Circle, click on the little speech bubble icon in the bottom right of this screen OR download the Circle Communities app for your iPhone or iPad and sign in using your Teachable login and password.

Inner Work: Reflections on Module 9

As you learned doing the Great Aims Checklist, there is an emotional component to setting an aim, too. You will want to strike the balance between excitement and overwhelm, not just for yourself, but also for all of your key stakeholders. It is worth it to build consensus toward that shared aim until you have a critical mass of key stakeholders, but your feelings – your emotional tone – will have an effect on whether or not your key stakeholders experience you as an invitation or an imposition.

Find a place on the ground that represents the achievement of your aim for you. Just a random spot in your living room or on your back porch. THAT spot = we achieved our aim. Once you’ve designated that spot, make your way over to it – at whatever speed or in whatever manner feels good for you, and occupy that space physically. If you’re able to stand, stand squarely in that energetic space. And say to yourself, internally or out loud, “We have _____________[insert your aim here].” So using my example, I would stand in that space and say to myself, “We have helped 100,000 people move off the streets and into homes by July 2013.” (That was our original aim). Say your aim to yourself several times and allow the reverberations of that energy to move through your nervous system.

So…how are you feeling about your aim?

What images come to mind?

What voices do you hear in your head?

What sensations do you notice in your body?

Are you feeling excited? What excites you?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? What feels like too much?

Appreciate yourself for being willing to feel into your own truth on this. Circle back to your aim if you must. If you cannot own this in your entire being, nobody else will, either. Keep doing this until you arrive at an aim that resonates fully with all of you.

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