Task #1: Consider Doing More with the Billions Institute

Congratulations on completing Exponential Impact: Designing Equitable Large-Scale Change! You did it!!

The name of the game from now on is LEADING large-scale change – a whole new ball of wax! For support in that, please consider these offerings:

(1) If you haven’t already read it, get Becky’s book, Impact with Integrity: Repair the World Without Breaking Yourself. This book will help you navigate the thorny leadership dilemmas that you will inevitably encounter as you put your plans to the test!

(2) If you need just a little more coaching and support, may we suggest the Billions Institute 1:1 Coaching. It’s hard to imagine an elite athlete without a professional coach. Multiple coaches at that. It’s the same for leadership. Coaches can help you resolve thorny leadership dilemmas, build upon your strengths, clarify your purpose, and improve your practice as a leader. Whether your leadership challenges are rooted in resource constraints, equity, inclusion, structural changes, organizational culture, or strategic dilemmas, we’ve got a coach for you.

(3) Consider attending the Billions Institute live course, The Inner Work of Social Change, in person, offered only once a year, it will set you up for massive success in implementing the scaling strategy you’ve designed here.

No matter what, we hope you won’t be a stranger! Please reach out to becky@billionsinstitute.com anytime.

Task #2: Consider Taking More Courses with Equity Meets Design

Christine Ortiz captured the questions you should now be able to answer in this two page summary. If there are any gaps in your confidence for designing with an equity lens, please refer to that summary for which Equity Meets Design course Christine would recommend you take next.

Task #3: Complete a Feedback Survey

Hi friends,

Your feedback is always welcome. We’ll always use what you say to make this even better for the next group. 

This short survey should only take a few minutes: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5H89ZCS

Thank you very much!

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