Ok so I’m 50 years old and true confession time: I love TikTok. That’s right. I love it.

15 second bursts of creativity from regular old folks all over the world. What’s not to love?

If I wanted to connect TikTok to some concept related to large-scale change I totally could. Virality. The science of memetics. The importance of people being able to make things their own. But you know what? It’s a gorgeous afternoon here in sunny Southern California, so I’m just wanted to invite us to be ticktok friends. 

Have a great weekend and you’re welcome! 


Unleashing Social Change Podcast Season 2 is Out!

Each week we will release a new episode but four interviews with amazing change leaders are already up on itunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Check these out:

  • Jake Maguire from Community Solutions on what happened after the 100k Homes Campaign ended.  If you stick around til the very end you will get to hear him tell me a hilarious story that cracks me up to this day.
  • Chris Chatmon from Kingmakers of Oakland on transforming schools to work for black and brown boys.
  • Bruce Nilles from the Rocky Mountain Institute on climate change as an equity issue and why your natural gas appliances are no good.
  • Peter O’Driscoll from the Equitable Food Initiative about how they’ve worked with the entire food production cycle to get healthy produce and fair wages for everyone.
  • Arfon Williamsa General Practitioner in Rural Wales about how he responded to the crisis of being the only doctor around for hundreds of miles.
  • Parvathi Santhoosh-Kumar, Vice-President of Equitable Results at StriveTogether, about how they’re working with dozens of communities to go from proof points to systems transformation on behalf of children everywhere.
  • Tema Okun, Duke University, Facing into your own Racism with Courage and Love. 

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