Well…here we are.

Right smack in the midst of two pandemics: Covid 19 and the systemic racism that’s been baked into our country since 1619. I will be honest that my heart has been hurting and my head has been spinning. I have felt just about every emotion under the sun in the past few days. I have instinctual responses to how I want to show up in this moment, but half the time I second-guess myself. 

I have restrained my own humanity several times for fear of “doing it wrong.” 

Yesterday I had the good fortune of spending the entire day reflecting and connecting with our fellows. Turns out a pause with time for reflection and connection was exactly what I needed to return my best self.

So consider yourself forewarned: I will definitely probably “do it wrong.” Not just today but everyday.


I am clearer than ever that my purpose in life is to strive for right relationship with people and the earth. 

And I am committed to learning in public. 

Doing it wrong is where most of my learning happens. I have spent years cultivating my ability to appreciate the messenger, regardless of the feedback. Learning in public – sometimes doing it wrong – in service of right relationship with people and the land is who I am and what I do. My deepest hope is that some of what I do will be in service to the ongoing evolution of our species. 

So on to right relationship with you. Yes – you! I want to check in with you and genuinely ask: 

How are you feeling right now?
How are you doing? 

Every single person I’ve ever met through the my work at the Billions Institute – people who’ve stayed to speak with me after I’ve given a keynote, people who come to our workshops – each and every one of you has beautiful intentions for humanity that shine through. I see your goodness. I see you

Who would you like to be right now?
How do you want to show up right now? 

In the video below, I share with you a process that I use to answer those same questions for myself.



My questions above are not rhetorical. I actually want to hear from you.

I am nothing without the relationships and people in my life. I yearn for authentic connection. 

So hit “reply” and lemme know. 

Who would you like to be now? And how do you want to show up?
How can we support you to do just that? 

The entire team and faculty at the Billions Institute sends our fierce mama bear love and stands in solidarity with everyone working for justice. We are donating 100% of the profits from the current online Skid Row School to Black Lives Matter Los Angeles.

With love,

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