Friends – 

We’ve been working behind the scenes for months to bring our life-changing seminars online and I’m delighted to share that we’ve done it!

Today we are launching a new course called “Three Feet of Influence.

Here’s how it works: you bring anything – anything – that’s holding you back as a social change leader – time scarcity, money worries, people problems, difficult decisions – you name it – anything – and over four weeks we will help you sort that out and get back to making your big dent in the universe.

The four weeks of coaching starts on September 2nd, but you can enroll and get access to the course materials immediately by clicking here. The deadline for joining the first cohort is August 28th.

To celebrate the occasion, we also want to give you this free course:

How Will You Use Your Three Feet of Influence?

Think of the free course as an appetizer sampler to get your gears turning about how using your full Three Feet of Influence might support you in advancing your purpose. A friend of mine took the free course last week and said she was completely captivated for the entire 18 minutes. It’s short and sweet and gets right to the point.

We hope you will enjoy this free gift and we hope to see many of you in the full course.

Happy Thursday my friends!

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