For the busy change leader….

  1. Our Many Ways to Many tool will ask you a handful of questions about the intervention you want to spread/scale then based on how you answer, recommend methods for skill transfer that we think you should consider. Each method has a short description of what it is as well as links to successful examples of that method in practice.
  2. We recorded Joe McCannon’s famous Data Malpractice session so that you can easily share with the people who are making your life a living data hell.
  3. I’ve been asking myself these same Personal Vision Questions every New Years Eve since 2000 with truly outstanding results.
  4. The Genius Tracker is an excel spreadsheet where you enter in what you are working on, for how long, and whether you experienced yourself as being in your zone of genius, excellence, competence, or incompetence. Each week has a separate tab and the summary tab will let you know what percent of your time you’re spending in your genius. This is all informed by Gay Hendricks’ book, The Big Leap.
  5. This Incompletions Checklist is an advanced tool that we have adapted from the Foundation for Conscious Loving and incorporated into our fellowship program. The idea is to live your live in such a way that there is nothing significant unsaid or undone. This checklist gives you a wide array of areas in your life where you might have something unsaid or undone. May you use this in good health!
  6. Clearing the Pipes is an advanced tool that we use with our fellows. Print this out and journal on the questions. Make sure you give your self plenty of space to explore the prompts on the first page before moving to the second.

Please let us know if any of these are helpful and what else might be helpful, too.

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