New Years Eve Questions

Over 20 years ago, when I was a Captain in the Army, my Battalion Commander, Colonel Howie Cohen, assigned Brian Tracy’s book, MAXIMUM ACHIEVEMENT, to all the officers in our unit as part of our professional development. My peers and I used to joke around about the touchy-feely books we had to read but truth be told I loved it. And for the record Howie Cohen is one of the best leaders I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Some of the questions in the book stood out to me so I re-wrote them into a journal.

I’ve been asking myself those exact same questions – captured on page 2 of the handout – every single New Years Eve since the year 2000. And I am not a pack rat by any stretch, but I did manage to hold onto a few of them over all these years and what’s striking about them is every single thing that was on there that mattered to me I have actually done. Even things that I previously though I could only do if I won the lottery. And I haven’t won the lottery. I don’t even play the lottery!

When my wife, Christine, and I started dating I shared this practice with her (yeah – I know what you’re thinking – you want to party on New Years Eve with us, right?!?) and as she does with everything else in my life, she offered some improvements. Her questions are captured on page 1 of the handout.

Previously we’ve only shared this with our fellows, but I thought I’d open this up to everyone who might find it useful, on New Years Eve or any other day or night would work fine, too.

Without any further ado…here you go. Please let me know if this is helpful to you in creating what you really want, too. You can email me at

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