Setting Yourself Up for an Awesome 2021

Hi Friends!

Last week we invited you to join me in a journaling practice that I’ve done every New Years Eve since the year 2000. Some of you even joined us on our inaugural Facebook Live to complete these questions together. I did this exercise again with my wife, Christine, this New Years Eve, then we took turns sharing some appreciations of one another and all the ways we grew in 2020. 

Today I want to share with you what we do to build upon those reflections and sharpen our commitment to what we want to create in 2021. Starting January 1st, we pull a big piece of flip chart paper into our kitchen counter and plenty of bright markers. Over New Years Day, we co-create our dream board for 2021. As our kids have gotten older, we’ve begun to include them in the process. Here is our dream board for 2020.

Once this feels complete,

We hang it in our kitchen and we refer to it often. We also take a picture and have a catalog of dream boards from years past. I’ve also done this with teams as a way to punctuate our strategic planning retreats. Dream boards are a great way to visualize your commitment, your vision, your values, and your intentions. I invite you to give it a try and share yours on our Facebook page

All of us at the Billions Institute wish you a safe and healthy 2021, and may we all shift our attention from surviving to thriving as we step into all the possibilities ahead.