There is no way any of us could know everything we need to know about how to navigate the complexity that comes with leading large-scale change.

That goes for me, too.

Even though I’ve been leading or training others how to lead large-scale change for many years now, I still get stuck sometimes. When I’m not quite sure what the next move might be, my first phone call is to Joe McCannon. And every single time we speak, he expands my thinking about what’s possible and new techniques I might try.  If you don’t already know Joe and want to get a better sense of what he’s all about, we interviewed him for our podcast series and you can listen in.

Likewise, when I’m challenged by how I want to show up as a leader in the areas of race, diversity, equity and inclusion, my first phone call is to Susan X. Jane. And every single time, she invites me into a bigger vision of what it means to be a human being while lovingly challenging me to grow as a person and a leader. If you don’t already know Susan and want to get a better sense of what she’s all about, we interviewed her for our podcast series.

As we all struggle to find our way in these times that defy categorization, I want to invite you to consider joining the Coaching Community that we’re launching in October. 

In the community, your hearts will be filled by the company of kindred spirits who, just like you, are making their big dent in the universe.

You will receive just-in-time coaching from Becky, Joe and/or Susan on whatever challenges you are facing in the moment.

You will be lovingly supported and challenged to bring your whole and best self to what matters to you.

Come can get a free sneak-peak of what this community is going to be at our Open House on September 15th at 10:30 am PT. 


Our deepest hope is that through participating in this coaching community your life will be more expansive, more spacious, more joyful, more easeful, and more impactful.

In solidarity,

If you’re already sure this is for you, we welcome you to join the community now!

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