The Model for Unleashing™ is an approach to designing and leading equitable large-scale social change that defines success as orchestrating the loss of control of thousands of people moving in the desired direction. Our approach blends strategic planning with leadership development, is practical, tactical, and grounded in equity. 

Contrary to most management approaches oriented around systems of control, the Model for Unleashing aspires to create a contagious context of liberation. But it’s not a loosey-goosey “let 1,000 flowers bloom;” rather, we teach you how to create the structures and conditions that make it possible for unleashing to occur.

We’ve trained thousands of leaders how to implement the Model for Unleashing in their context, and we’ve observed these challenges to be common across many sectors: 


They are not sufficiently rooted in their own story, moral compass, values, and motivations for doing their work, nor are they sufficiently versed in the systems and history that created the problem they’re trying to solve. To fix this, you need to DIG DEEP.


They think too small, too slow. Or too big, too fast. Many leaders err by playing it too safe (and never reaching their potential impact), or by being too vague and grandiose. To DREAM BIG, you discover the “just right” amount of “how much, by when.”


They believe that attempting to control things is “good management.” This is not always true, especially when it comes to large-scale change. You have to get people you’ll never meet to change their behavior. The good news is there are ways to create structures and contexts within which this can happen. We’ll show you the right way to ADD ZEROS.


When they hit a snag, they believe the problem is “out there.” Their fear of failure causes them to rush in, to try to fix things that are not their responsibility. Or, to point fingers to make sure everyone knows who’s fault it really is. Or just curl up on the couch and wish it would all just go away. But once you learn how to reliably step into healthy responsibility, you attain the ultimate key to the large-scale change universe: NO HEROES.

We believe that when leaders use our approach, they will be well on their way to repairing the world without breaking themselves. We know that’s a tricky balance to navigate and we’re here to help. 

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