1:1 Coaching with Susan X Jane

Culture coaching to support your work building belonging and fighting oppression.


Offering: $375

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Susan’s Approach to Coaching: 

Working to create more equitable and inclusive communities can be difficult and joyful, devastating, confusing, and transformative.

Join me in 1-on-1 coaching for a personalized space providing support to deepen your work as an inclusive leader.

What is emerging in your environment around identity and culture, power and connection, and what can you do to be a part of leading an equitable environment? We’ll can create a space for you to reflect on the many ways this work can challenge and change you.

Together we can explore strategies for navigating the complexities of creating inclusivity in your leadership, your organization, and in your work.

Meet Susan

Susan X Jane

Hi there! I’m Susan X Jane, Principal of Navigators Consulting, and I have over 25 years of experience exploring race and representation in both the public and private sectors. I’m a transracial adoptee, a Black woman raised in a White family and community, an experience that created an early focus on the way race shapes our concept of ourselves and each other. My exploration of race and identity both personally and professionally has been the driving motivator throughout my work in education, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector.

I have worked to address race and racism as a community organizer, program developer, professor of communications, and consultant to corporations and impact-focused institutions. Now as Principal of Navigators Consulting, I draw on my decades of experience to work with leaders and organizations in the public and private sector, and I am especially focused on organizations in media and education who have outsized power to make an impact on society.

To any who seek to build a better world, I offer my skills as teacher, coach, and strategic partner to help create diverse and inclusive environments where the humanity of all is respected and protected.

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