Coaching and Kolbe Wisdom™ with Nancy Stubbs


Offering: $425 (Kolbe A™ Package) / $375 (60 minute coaching)

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Reflecting Back to You Your Magnificence

I’ve been fascinated with the alignment of interests, motivations, talents, and expertise since I was very young. Dubbed by a colleague as ‘the genius whisperer,’ my favorite engagements center on the expression of our genius in the world while remaining rooted in celebratory relationships with ourselves and others.

Our human experience is one of overlapping needs, desires, experiences and emotions. My approach is about honoring these layers, reframing the stories, and weaving together somatic coaching practices + Kolbe Wisdom™ tools + HR and leadership expertise in support of your personal and professional congruence. ­­

A common starting point for our work together is the Kolbe A™ conative assessment and 75-minute talent review/coaching session. Kolbe Wisdom™ creates a brilliant shortcut for understanding and reframing your superpowers. This opportiunity can be just what you need at just the right moment, and it can also be a first step into a deeper, more expanded exploration. Kolbe also offers exceptional resources for exploring team engagement and productivity, and candidate selection and hiring.

Also offered is 1:1 individual coaching to explore anything in your personal or professional life for which you would like support. 

I look forward to working with you!!

Meet Nancy Stubbs

Nancy Stubbs

I’d been in the HR and meeting facilitation arena for over a decade prior to making coaching my profession in 2003, and throughout my career I’ve worked with and for large and small corporations, startups, and nonprofits.

I’ve been working with Kolbe tools since 1996, and completed recertification in early 2015. My body-centered coaching methods are anchored in over 20 years of studies with Drs. Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks and colleagues met through The Hendricks Institute.

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