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Weeding the roots of stress from daily life


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Weeding the roots of stress from daily life

Instead of helping you manage the symptoms of stress, I will partner with you to pinpoint what is causing you stress in the first place. 

I believe that the most destructive stress we experience is a by product of living at odds with who we truly are. 

I will help you clearly identify what is most essential to you and partner with you to re-design your life so that you prioritize what matters most to you.

Together we will create a practical, actionable plan that will enable you to interrupt your stress real-time, in your day-to-day life, at the roots using daily body centered mindfulness as your compass. 

When you book a session there will be some pre-work to support you getting started, before our first session, discovering what keeps the stress cycle alive in your daily life.

While we won’t solve all your stress related concerns in one session, we will map a path and kick start meaningful change.

Meet Leslie

Susan X Jane

Leslie brings three decades of experience working with individuals and teams in service of dismantling systems of oppression within and without.  

Over the course of her career, she has supported thousands of individuals to identify and overcome core obstacles to realizing their full personal and professional potentials.  She has worked with industry leaders from Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks as well as elected officials and educators in both private and public systems from primary through university levels. 

As a facilitator she has worked with teams from healthcare, government, education, and non-profit sectors.  She has provided anti-racist equity focused professional development trainings in mixed-race teams as well as provided white affinity work.  

She is the co-founder of BioPause Inc, a startup company creating a wearable device that leverages subtle heart rhythm biofeedback in service of decreasing stress and increasing wellbeing.  BioPause is disrupting the status quo racial and gender bias embeded in the tech industry.

A significant emphasis in her therapeutic, organizational and entrepreneurial work focusses on the integration of practical mindfulness into day-to-day life as a concrete path to transformational change. Her expertise in trauma recovery and mindfulness informs her work as coach, trauma-informed consultant and training facilitator in navigating the current climate of toxic stress that plagues many work and family environments.

Leslie has a BA in Psychology and Child Development from New College and a MA from Naropa University where she majored in Buddhist Psychology.  She is a certified Big Leap Coach through the Hendricks Institute and a founding faculty member of their Restoring Resourcefulness program. Leslie has served on the faculty of the Billions Institute fellowship since its inception in 2017.

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