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My Approach to Coaching: 

I have a very simple philosophy about coaching: (1) you already know the answer to your own question, (2) my job as your coach is to give you my undivided attention, listen carefully for your truth, your feelings, and your commitments (both conscious and unconscious), (3) look for the opening and (4) help you see the opening, too. Whether or not you choose to go through that particular opening is 100% up to you and I’m on your team no matter what.

Our sessions are short, sweet, and to the point (60 minutes) because I believe it is most of service for me to be blunt and direct with you. I suspect if you’re in my orbit, it was hard enough for you to find an hour on your calendar, so we will make the most of it! You can bring your team if you’d like – totally up to you.

Whatever it was that is keeping you awake at night – nagging self-doubts or imposter syndrome or scaling conundrum or old stories that no longer serve you – can’t quite get your aim right – my intention is that you leave our session with clarity and tangible action steps that will fully resolve your issue.

Meet Becky Margiotta:

Dr. Christine Ortiz

I’ve been coaching social sector leaders for over a decade and look forward to supporting you, too. I have “been there, done that” and will be able to relate to many of the leadership dilemmas and challenges that you face.

There’s pretty much nothing you can tell me that I haven’t heard before, so please know you can safely confide in me.

I learned how to coach through a certification program and apprenticeship with Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks and the Hendricks Institute.

Author of #1 bestselling book, Impact with Integrity: Repairing the World Without Breaking Yourself, cofounder and owner of The Billions Institute, LLC, and the host of the Unleashing Social Change Podcast.

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