New Course: Three Feet of Influence

Every social change and non-profit leader we know is doing the best they can to hold things together right now. 

They feel exhausted.

They don’t have enough time.

They don’t have enough money.

They’re trying to prevent their colleagues from burning out while also trying not to burn out themselves.

Clarity about mission and goals and accomplishing them feels just out of reach. 

It’s not just you  – it’s everyone.

Having trained over 1,000 social change leaders how to scale their impact, we can say one thing with absolute certainty: 


Your impact in the world will ultimately be determined by how well you use

your three feet of influence. 


Your three feet of influence is how you show up day-in, day-out as a leader. It’s how you treat people. It’s how you treat yourself. It’s the seemingly mundane decisions and actions that determine whether or not you will succeed.

In the past our focus has been on thriving. 

Right now we’re just talking about surviving. 



How can you, your organization and your mission survive the current crises? 

What is the most life-giving and sustainable way that you and your organization can be of service to the ongoing evolution of our species and to the wellness of our planet?  


If you’re asking yourself these same questions, you will find kindred spirits in this course.

In Three Feet of Influence, Becky has distilled her approach to taking responsibility for what matters to her into four practical sessions that are meant to be applied immediately.  She spent decades learning things the hard way so you don’t have to. She spent years refining her coaching abilities with other social change leaders.


 Three Feet of Influence Will Help You:

  • Address your most pressing “pain point” as a social change or non-profit leader right now (not enough time, not enough money, burnout, etc). 
  • Give you a framework for how to respond to any leadership challenge in a way that increases the likelihood it will be resolved satisfactorily.
  • Free you your time to focus even more of your creative energy on making your big dent in the Universe.


Three Feet of Influence is:

  • 100% virtual. As soon as you register you will have immediate access to all of the online modules
  • Each module includes short videos of Becky explaining the concepts, opportunities for self-reflection, then practical exercises and handouts to put the principles into practice right away
  • Weekly group coaching call with your classmates and Becky so she can support you in fully integrating these life-changing concepts 

Three Feet of Influence is authentic, actionable and life-altering. 

Who should attend? Any social change leader, from front-line supervisors all the way up to C-suite executives and board members of a foundation or non-profit will benefit from taking this course

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“I knew that leading large-scale change would be exhilarating work. What I didn’t know was that it could also feel incredibly isolating. Skid Row School gave me a community to call “home” in this crazy journey — a safe harbor to openly discuss challenges and barriers, to try on new ways of thinking, seeing and doing, to confront my own fears and biases, and to be inspired by the sheer humanity and ambition represented in the room.” ~ Eunice Lin Nichols, Vice President at

“Being a change agent in the world is a fullKatie Hongcontact sport and requires that you bring your best in mind, body and spirit. If you want to be a more effective change agent and do the work in community with other incredible change agents, then I would HIGHLY recommend the Skid Row School. This has been a transformational experience and I love being part of the Skid Row School community.”             ~ Katie Hong, Director of Raikes Foundation

Maša Užičanin “This seminar translates large-scale change into a set of concrete actions you can take tomorrow. If you’re looking to go beyond theory then this is the training for you. The faculty have done the hard work of large-scale change which makes all the difference. Their shared experiences of collective successes, and failures, inspired and reignited my flame and made me believe that the change I personally want to see is possible after all.” ~ Maša Užičanin, Executive Director of Sevenzo

Holmes Hummel “Devoting a week to this smart, structured process advanced our work by light years” ~ Holmes Hummel, Clean Energy Work

Marc Skvirsky “The passion, creativity, and skillful facilitation was evident and  energizing every minute of the workshop – no small feat with a room full of seasoned professionals. I left with so many innovative tools and strategies that will assist our organization as we scale to have an even greater impact in helping to create a more just society.”~ Marc Skvirsky, VP Facing History and Ourselves 

Jenn Hoos Rothberg“This is truly a “master class” for large-scale social change. I will look back on my experience as a catalyst in my own work and personal transformation. I will be able to apply this approach and lessons learned throughout my life.” ~Jenn Hoos Rothberg, Executive Director, Einhorn Family Charitable Trust

Tom Low Playworks (1) “This is not death by PowerPoint! This is all about doing: ideating, testing, piloting and iterating. As a practitioner of nonprofit scaling and systems transformation, I found the Billions approach, supported by the Switch framework, gave me the confidence that leading transformative scale is indeed possible.” ~ Tom Low, Chief Financial Officer, Playworks

Mary Tobin “I keep bragging about the Skid Row School and how it was literally the BEST training I’ve ever been to. Becky is every good thing anyone has ever said about her. Thank you for being so authentic and selfless in your desire to share your experiences with all of us. You made me feel like I can literally change the world and that’s just what I plan to do.” ~ Mary Tobin, Director, Brownsville Partnership

Amy Baker “I say this without hyperbole – this was the best training I’ve ever been to. It felt complete and whole to all sides of what it takes to pull off large-scale social change. It’s not just the strategy and aim; it’s also as importantly how you function as a human being and leader. Somehow the “fluffy” stuff didn’t feel fluffy, and that was a huge benefit. I felt like I was in a room of “do-ers” not a room of consultants, and that shared vibe was as palpable as it was helpful.~Amy Baker, Managing Director at Service Nation


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