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1) How do I login into my course?

We use a few different platforms to deliver our courses and engage with our community. If you have purchased, here is where you can login to access your course assets.

Impact with Integrity

The Coaching Community

What’s Your Big Dent In the Universe?

Skid Row School or Spread Academy Alumni

Awesome Team Retreat

2) Where can I login to my Teachable account?

If you have used Teachable before, when you enroll in our courses, you will see our course in your dashboard under “Courses I’m Taking.” You can login to your account here.

3) What if I don’t remember my course login information?

When you enroll in any of our courses, you will automatically be granted an account on Teachable or Kajabi (depending on the course.) Sometimes these emails get buried in your inbox or sent to spam. Be sure to add us to your contact list so we can communicate with you! If you can’t remember your username or password here is how to reset it.

You can learn how to retrieve or reset your Kajabi password here.

Reset Teachable password. If you have your credentials and still having trouble logging in you can troubleshoot further here.

4) What is included in each course?

If you’d like to explore our menu of current courses, please peruse our Courses Page. Each course link offers a detailed description of the course – broken down by module. We also have FAQ sections on these pages that are specific to the course.

5) What kind of courses do you offer?

Great question! We work with a very diverse group of organizations ALL across the social sector including education, health care, racial justice, climate change, anti-slavery, anti-gun violence, animal rights and more. Non-profits, foundations, grass root organizations, government and healthcare agencies – we’ve worked with over 1,000. Our mission is to help change leaders kick butt in their corner of the world. We’ve broken our courses down into the following buckets. 

1) Leadership and Professional Development

2) Team Retreats

3) Prototyping – How to Launch Your Big Idea

4) Capacity Building 

5) Optimizing Operations

6) Coaching Community 

If you are unsure of what you need, or maybe need a little bit of everything, please reach out to Selena our Enrollment and Relationships Manager. Her email is

6) How do I sign up for the newsletter?

You want to stay connected and receive a weekly dose of inspiration? Perfect! We’d love for you to join the party. Here is where you can sign up for The Billions Newsletter.

7) Does Becky offer individual coaching?

We get this question A LOT. Understably so, Becky is awesome. One of Becky’s core values and therefore one of the BI’s, is the power of learning in public. Large scale change happens in relationships over time. This is why our coaching community has been thriving since we launched it last October. It is a monthly subscription which includes three 1.5 coaching calls a month with Becky, Joe McCannon, Susan X Jane, and Mike Thompson. 

That being said – sometimes we need some one-on-one TLC. This is why we have added an option to upgrade your coaching community subscription to include individual coaching sessions with our coaches. We will be rolling this out soon! Please reach out to Selena if you are interested. Not part of the coaching community yet? Check it out here. 

8) Can I bundle courses?

We are now offering an ALL ACCESS PASS. This includes our 4 cornerstone classes (taught live over the course of one year) and access to an entire year of our coaching community. Reach out to Selena and she’ll get you started!

9) What is the difference between the all access pass and the fellowship?

Once you’ve completed Impact with Integrity you are eligible to attend our advanced courses and apply to the Billions Institute Fellowship. Our two year fellowship goes beyond the courses in terms of training and individual training from Becky and the BI. 

We accept applications to the fellowship on a rolling admissions basis. Fellows also get access to all our courses and the coaching community. 

10) Are your courses in person or virtual?

Until last year, all of our trainings were exclusively in person. The pandemic forced us to shift the context and adapt. Now all our teachings are exclusively virtual. This was a huge transition but we wanted to do everything we could to keep our staff and you all safe.

We miss coming together for group hugs! AND are extremely grateful that we were able to increase our reach and have a larger impact by transitioning to virtual courses. Stay safe friends!

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If you need additioal support or have a question that wasn’t answered above, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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