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Before the pandemic, we essentially had one course offering, the Skid Row School which was 3.5 day in-person training offered in person at the CalPoly Pomona campus here in California. Those were a beautiful and intense four days but with the event priced at $3500/person and $3000 (for 2 or more people) plus airfare, lodging and food, it was inaccessible to some of the non-profit leaders we wanted to reach. Like many other organizations, we needed to pivot once in-person meetings were no longer permitted and it allowed us also to dig deeper into how we might be able to offer even more in-depth and long-term transformational experiences.

We now have 4 courses (Impact With Integrity, Solutions Worth Scaling, Exponential Impact, Unapologetic Genius) and a monthly coaching community that cover a little of what those four days covered but allows us to go deeper into each subject, as well as different entry points depending on your needs. For example some wanted the Skid Row School for tactics on scaling, but perhaps you have a project that isn’t ready to scale and wish to have a healthier and more efficient team.

Another area that we thought about is after the high of the retreat atmosphere, many teams wanted consulting. Our Coaching community has provided an opportunity for ongoing support virtually weekly. 

If you’d like to commit to the entire experience of a whole year with the BI, you can now do so for $4000, which is less than what it used to cost to be here with us for 4 days. It also provides less of an impact on the environment and more time with our families (yours and ours). 

We think what we uniquely provide is that intersection between tactical practices and leadership skills and the All Access pass is where you’ll get the full transformational experience. 

If you’d like to see if this option is best for you, feel free to connect with Selena here on Drift or by setting up a time on her calendly.

(For those still wanting that in-person experience, we’ll only be offering those in the UK — Selena can help connect you with those as well!)

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Whether you are experienced at being a change maker, or just starting out on this amazing journey, you won’t want to miss a single episode!

Testimonials from our Skid Row School Graduates

“Being a change agent in the world is a full contact sport and requires that you bring your best in mind, body and spirit. This has been a transformational experience, and I love being part of the Skid Row School community.”

Katie Hong

Director, Raikes Foundation

“Skid Row School gave me a community to call “home” in this crazy journey — a safe harbor to openly discuss challenges and barriers, to try on new ways of thinking, seeing and doing, to confront my own fears and biases, and to be inspired by the sheer humanity and ambition represented in the room.”
Eunice Nichols

Vice President, Gen2Gen Campaign Director, Encore.org

“This seminar translates large-scale change into a set of concrete actions you can take tomorrow. If you’re looking to go beyond theory then this is the training for you. The faculty have done the hard work of large-scale change which makes all the difference. ”

Maša Užičanin

Executive Director, Sevenzo

“I keep bragging about the Skid Row School and how it was literally the BEST training I’ve ever been to. Becky is every good thing anyone has ever said about her. Thank you for being so authentic and selfless in your desire to share your experiences with all of us. You made me feel like I can literally change the world and that’s just what I plan to do.”

Mary Tobin

Director, Brownsville Partnership

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