Our Values

At the Billions Institute, a set of core, action-oriented values informs everything we do:
  • We look clearly and unflinchingly at the world’s most serious problems and their origins, intent on deeply understanding the systems we seek to change.
  • We take responsibility for the injustice, inequity, exclusion and destruction we see in the world, including the ways in which we perpetuate it.
  • We take action with the conviction that too much time spent in contemplation is immoral and ineffective.
  • We build courage in the face of the fear that limits the mind and undermines progress.
  • We embody optimism in the belief that improvement is always possible and that great teams can accomplish the big things that others insist they can’t.
  • We demonstrate curiosity, learning by facing into data every day and listening humbly to others.
  • We act with generosity and care in all of our interactions with colleagues, customers and the community.
  • We calmly improvise and adjust, accepting that the world is full of uncertainty and ambiguity.
We feel lucky to be alive at this moment in time and to have a chance to do this work with you.

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