We believe that it’s possible to solve the world’s biggest, most complex problems. We’ve seen it done and we’ve been a part of it.

We call initiatives that do this bold work “moonshots” – big, audacious efforts that try to improve the lives of thousands, millions, even billions at all once.  We want to help you run your moonshot.

What does it take?

There is no silver bullet. It takes deep commitment, incredible focus, intense learning and relentless generosity. It takes an ambitious, time-bound aim, a clear, evolving theory of change and relentless focus on results. It takes spectacular creativity, teamwork, data and testing. Above all, it takes overcoming the fear and inertia – the “business as usual” mentality – that undermine most change efforts.

A relentless focus on the day-to-day logistics of large-scale change is at the heart of the work we’ve done, and we’re committed to helping you do the same. We will embrace your aims and immerse ourselves in our shared work.

We believe that if we can achieve newer and bolder moonshots every year, we’ll reduce massive suffering, learn a lot AND permanently change expectations about what is possible.

We have a range of services that we offer to help you succeed in your moonshots – everything from intensive design activities to full-fledged immersion and co-ownership.

Are you struggling to spread your local success to the rest of the world? Do you have a thrilling vision for global change but feel unsure about how to take the first step in your journey? Have you begun to move the needle on one of the world’s biggest problems – but suddenly find yourself stuck in place? Are you so committed to your project that you’d get the outcome tattooed on your body like Becky did for the 100,000 Homes Campaign?

We’re looking for that kind of commitment, ownership, and ambition in the leaders of the moonshots we support. If your answer is an enthusiastic “yes” to the questions above, maybe a moonshot is for you.

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