The Billions Institute is committed to reinventing how social change happens, challenging long-held assumptions and creating new institutions that will more effectively reduce global suffering. This is where we seek to discover new innovations in large-scale change, testing powerful new ideas and finding others by scanning the globe. This is also where we bring the most creative minds in the field together to spark and support one another.

Ideas that we’re currently exploring include developing new technologies for rapidly assessing the relative impact of major social problems and the amount of resources committed to solving them; testing total transparency (i.e., cutting a window on every aspect of large-scale change work to invite active input from anyone, anywhere who wants to contribute); and starting a “virtual country” – an online platform where citizens from around the world can pool resources and take joint action to address global commons issues (e.g., climate change, slavery and natural resource shortages).

We welcome your most audacious ideas and your help in creating new structures for solving the biggest social problems. We will be developing new concepts in a series of seminars and tests to take place over the next calendar year.

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